Margot and Maude

April and Kelsey. A dynamic duo of fashion forward young entrepreneurs. Both graduates of The Blanche MacDonald School of Creative and Applied Arts in Vancouver. Both lured back to the warmth (figuratively) of Winnipeg, for great friends and great connections like no other little city has.

Margot and Maude. A crisp women’s clothing boutique (soon to carry menswear as well) situated on Academy road amongst a few of our already favorite little shops, like Jenna Rae Cakes. Not just a stock and sell clothing store, but a carefully curated collection.  

Curated is the key here. You wont find anything in this shop not carefully picked and thought about, and only from Canadian distributors. Vegan skincare products, home decor, bobbles, trinkets, and... clothes, of course. A necklace, a dress, a bracelet? Great home decor for a last minute birthday party or present? (gentleman take note on “last minute present”) And girls... every trip inside this well designed space is like an invitation to discover all the things you’d like to steal from your friends’ closet. That really tasteful friend that always has the perfect thing for every occasion, and can be called upon at a moments notice.

You don’t have friend like that you say? Well... you do now. A couple of warm smiling faces, excited to help, and excited to put a smile on your face.

April and Kelsey. Margot and Maude.

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