Old House Revival

The Old House Revival Company

The Old House Revival Company, a veritable treasure trove of trinkets, bobbles, house wares and building materials of years past. Which, if you live in a older home in Winnipeg, is an almost necessary trip during a renovation, minor or major. Winnipeg being such a boom in the early 1900’s, spurred by the then lucrative grain trade and being such central a location of it’s major shipping and trade routes, a large number of homes were designed and built in that time. Many of those homes being lovingly renovated over the years, and many owners opting to keep their homes in that original character condition, few places can one find the replacement glass door knobs, or tin ceiling panels needed for the job. Well… this is it.

A myriad of windows, doors, hardware, timber and beams. Lamps, furniture, housewares and accessories. Screws, nuts, bolts and hinges. Oh… and antiques. A lot of antiques. If you are a lover of all things antique and turn of the century, a quick walk around will leave you with the feeling of a kid in a candy shop.

Your eye will never tire in this place, with every gaze so full of interesting and exciting shapes. Your mind runs with dreams of design and some grand plan you’ve concocted within moments of stepping in the door. If you don’t come with a plan, you will leave with one, I promise you that. “Do I really need a giant cast iron bust of a horse? At the moment no, but I could in the very near future”, I convince myself, aloud no less.

Three floors, plus a basement, of engaging ideas. On the surface, this is a retail store with interesting and unique wares. The sub text... this is a place of dreams and ideas, where one signature piece can be the catalyst and the backbone of an entire renovation or design. So step inside, be excited, be amazed, and dare to dream, in this veritable treasure trove of inspiration.  

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