Buying a home? For you, I'll do it for free.

Buying a home? For you, I'll do it for free. When is the last time you got something truly free? When have you been able to hire a seasoned professional, at no cost to you. Almost never… almost.

If you’re looking to buy a home, well... your in luck. You can hire a seasoned professional at absolutely no cost to you. Years of experience in searching and finding properties, negotiating deals, drafting and conveying all legal needs. Not to mention, intimate knowledge of the real estate market, what houses have sold for, whether or not the home of your interest might be a fair deal, inherent problems with homes of certain areas, styles and vintage. Free.

It seems few people understand how real estate commissions work. The agent representing you as a buyer, earns their commission directly from the proceeds of the sale of the home, which is paid by the seller. This is an important fact to remember.

You can have a seasoned professional with years of experience help you find the home you want, negotiate the deal that’s right for you, guide and facilitate the entire transaction with you, at no cost to you.

In a world where “free” can be considered “cheap”, “a trick", “of no real value” or “to good to be true”, this may well be the best value for hiring ANY professional, today.

Want to go shopping today? Call me: 204-218-7474.

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