The Most Important Thing to Know About Making an Offer

When buying a home or condo, the most important thing to know, that is rarely spoke of and often overlooked, is… JUST MAKE AN OFFER. This one thing can make the difference between getting a home you want or not getting a home at all. YOU DON’T GET, WHAT YOU DON’T ASK FOR.

Whether you think the sellers won't accept the offer, or you think you might offend them, it’s OK. As well, any PROFESSIONAL Realtor should know how to deal with EVERY type of offer without getting emotionally charged.  

I'm not saying that you should be shopping for homes way outside of your price range, or making outlandish offers. What I am saying, is you might be surprised what you can get when you ask for it.

Some sellers are highly motivated and you never know what their selling situation might be. Remember… YOU DON’T GET, WHAT YOU DON’T ASK FOR... JUST MAKE AN OFFER.

- Bobby Wall


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